How it all started and my favorite photographer

I always admired one photographer who happened to be  a good friend of mine.  Before taking up photography seriously most of my free time was dedicated to recording, producing and playing music.  I needed to do some photos done for my album and of course asked my friend Joseph to do that. At that time i didn't realize i'll be learning the skill of photography from him.  Few years later I tagged along to most wedding he was shooting trying to learn as much as i could first hand from someone who's done it for 15 years professionally, someone who's very creative and enjoys what he does.  He inspired me and still does. He pushed me to be better and to improve every single time i shoot.  

I started doing my own sessions- friends, friends of friends, relatives and eventually weddings.  Then SF City Hall Photo happened and the rest is history. I get to spend time with beautiful happy couples and share some of their most memorable moments.  Not just share but capture them.  

And all that thanks to Joseph.  Check out his San Francisco City Hall Wedding photography

Boris PolisskyComment