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San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

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No doubt that San Francisco City Hall is one of the most magnificent venues to get married at. If you are planning an intimate San Francisco City Hall wedding and need an experienced photographer who is capable of taking unique and meaningful photos, who knows the City Hall in and out and can also be your guide and assist during the process, I have a simple photography package tailored just for that.

My goal is to provide high quality and at the same time affordable San Francisco City Hall wedding photography. You are not only getting a photographer, but someone who knows San Francisco City Hall in and out. Someone who can be your guide during the process if needed.

Keep in mind that San Francisco City Hall is a public place. With international tourists, large and small weddings taking place, countless photographers and other staff, City Hall can get very crowded. Knowing the areas for great photos, feeling the timing of the place is the key.

Email me for a free trial session with no commitments. This applies to sessions 4 hours or more - City Hall or other wedding venues. You will get high resolution photos to keep regardless if you end up booking me or not.

I feel that in order to chose the right photographer for an event you need to not just look at their portfolio but see how well you gel, and how they can represent you. You can’t always make that decision based on the photos of other couples. It’s not you… I want you to have complete and full trust if you select me as your photographer for your event.

If i’m booked I recommend this San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer. I have worked with them on many occasion and have recommended them to a few of my clients, receiving very positive feedback.

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

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