Somewhere at Bonneville Salt Flats

Somewhere at Bonneville Salt Flats


Hi and thank you for visiting. My name is Boris Polissky. I always felt a need to creatively express myself. I started playing music when I was 9, played in bunch of bands, produced and recorded music. While doing all that I always had my camera with me. At some point by chance I came along to help my friend photograph a wedding. I then realized I enjoyed the excitement of the day, the people, the ceremony, the energy and electricity of the day. And i was hooked, so I started shooting weddings in addition to everything else I was already photographing.

After several years I wanted to focus on one location in San Francisco that i always admired. As a result I took over this company - SF City Hall Photo several years ago and have been working hard to create a strong reputation, good impression and everlasting memories/images. Since 2017 I work together with Alex (who originally taught me a great deal about photography)

I do have a personal connection and attachment to San Francisco City Hall. I also had my ceremony at the City Hall with my wife Valerie. I was lucky to have one of my best friends (who happen to be one of the best photographer i know) take our photos. So I know how it feels to be on the other end of the camera on your wedding day.


I promise to not only capture the moments as they unfold, but to make this a fun, natural experience, bringing out the best in you. Every single one of us is unique - there’s only one you. I can pose you all day long but without bringing out that unique you, it’ll mean nothing. I will do my best to not just capture your ceremony, your special day, but to help you create and capture memories and meaningful images that you can share and also go back to 5, 10, 20… and more years from now.

My goal is for you to look back at the photos and see, experience again these real emotion, real passion, real connection. Through images that we will create together, I want to help you preserve the memories that will last a lifestyle.