Zoe and Daniel

Over the years we have shots hundreds of weddings from small number of guests fitting all comfortably under the Rotunda to large weddings where the whole City Hall had to be booked.  They all have their uniqueness, lots of interesting moments and shots to capture.  One of our favorite though is when it's just the photographer and the couple.  First of all the couple is more relaxed - there's no pressure as it's just them.  They are there for themselves only... and for the photographer who hungrily takes the advantage of this opportunity.  


Zoe and Daniel were such a couple.  It was just the 2 of them.  After being together for 5 years, they felt it time to tie the knot with a quiet ceremony. They were at first shy in front of the camera stating they don't like too many pictures. But as the time together went on they became very comfortable with the camera in front of them to the point that they completely forgot about it at times.  As a result we got some very real photos even when they were posed.  

Boris PolisskyComment