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Kristine & John

Our first wedding on 2019 was Kristine and John tying the knot in beautiful San Francisco City Hall. It was pretty quiet after the holiday rush. Kristine and John brought their 7 months old son Al and it was just the 4 of us wandering around the City Hall. The wedding session turned more into a family session and I wanted to make sure I leave them with a great collection of photos with the 3 of them. The more i do this, the more I realized it’s not the fancy, artistic shots that matter to a lot of couples. It’s these true moments where the family is captured our this special day. I feel we accomplished it quiet well.

Kayla and Chris

Parents from both sides, bride's grand parents and bride and groom came together on a Friday afternoon.   Kayla and Chris have been together for a few years but this is the 1st time their parents meet.  One side is coming from Boston while another from San Diego for a wedding that brings the family together.   The grand parents served as witness. 


Thanks for the great shoot! Another successful San Francisco City Hall Wedding!


Great time with the local couple, congrats to the newlyweds!

I just really like this photo...

Of all the times I have come here to photograph today was the only day I happened to see this ray of light on the bottom of the grand staircase. The bride was having an iced coffee and I thought hey, why not? On top of all that there are no people in the background which in itself is a rarity for a picture on the stairs. Hope you like it!

Mr. and Mrs. Williams

Each month we have the privilege of photographing more and more couples from around the world. Mr. and Mrs. Williams traveled all the way from South Africa to San Francisco to get married at City Hall. Lovely couple and a great session.

A Wednesday Afternoon

Calm day inside city hall with another lovely local couple.  These afternoon shoots make you feel like you've got the building to yourself sometimes!