Laura and Ivan by SF City Hall Photo

I have the most respect and admiration for couples who can endure and overcome the difficulties of a long distance relationship. I had mine for 2 years and our patience was running out towards the end. Now image 7 years… That’s how long it too Laura and Ivan not to say goodbye and plan next time they get to see each other.

And i have to say it’s great to see a couple overcoming the distance, the issues that come with it and witness them getting married in SF City Hall with only close family from both sides present.

Since their’s was the last wedding of the day, we enjoyed a very quiet (for the most part) City Hall and were able to get some really nice clean wide shots that are hard to get on a busy City Hall day.

Wishing both Laura and Ivan many many years of happiness as i could see the long distance relationship brought them even closer.

Boris PolisskyComment