Karyn & Jeff by SF City Hall Photo

As photographers we have the an opportunity to meet new people every single day. You get to hear stories of how couples met, how they like spending time together, how they feel about each other. Spending an hour or two with them isn’t a lot but we are lucky to share some of their most memorable experiences.

Last week we had 2 couples that met online and after several years took it to the next step - tying the knot in San Francisco City Hall

Karen & Jeff had a small ceremony inviting their 3 kids to join. The “kids” were all in their 20s, happily smiling, joking around and at some point singing along to “I won’t give up" by Jason Mraz - a song which has a special meaning to the couple. Once we found that out, we got our iphone out and made them dance to a 6/8 tune.

They each read their vows after the ceremony and talked about how much they mean to each other. The kids posed and fooled around while we took a few photos of the couple. And once done we did a few photos of the kids too.

Boris PolisskyComment