Badhia & Zack

People meet in different places, under different circumstances.  They come from different countries, cities, cultures.  And then one day a few months later, few or even 10 years later they feel that getting married is the next logical or emotional step.  And if one lives in San Francisco why look for another place to get married.  People come from all over the world to tie the knot in beautiful San Francisco City Hall.  

Badhia and Zack like many of us get shy in front of the camera and were not sure how the whole experience will go.  But 15 minutes into our session they felt at ease and even started chatting about life while I was posing them.  We spent some time in the City Hall and then headed to Crissy Fields and Palace of Fine arts to complete our photo collection.  At the end we got a great fun, serious, silly series of images that they felt represent them.  

Andrea & Kevin

Andrea and Kevin are getting married in Aruba in 2019, but wanted to do a session at the City Hall as they were getting their license.  They came in on Friday afternoon and although City Hall got filled up with occasional tour groups, it was relatively quiet as the last ceremonies were finished at 3.30.  That allowed us room to maneuver around the City Hall and actually achieve a "clean", crowd-less shot of the Grand Stairwell.  I have to admit it's quite a rare occasion and even then i had to polite ask a few people to move for just a split second.  

It was a gorgeous day and i wanted to take advantage of the outdoors and the sun creating glares and fun shadows.   The end result is quite a good collection of photos done within a very short period of time. 

Shiqi & Ollie

Surrounded by friends Shiqi and Ollie tied the knot.  We had fun few hours covering all 4 floors of the City Hall. 

Aislinn & Philip

Ailsinn and Philip came all the way from Chicago to get married in the City Hall. No guests, no large parties... just the 2 of them. I served as their witness, photographer and guide around the City Hall for about an hour.  Aislinn mentioned to me earlier that her parents got married in the City Hall, so it was a special location for her. She even showed me a photo of her parents on the steps of the City Hall and asked if we could do a similar photo. We did, minus the pigeons that seemed to have made their habitat on the steps years back. Nowdays you don't get to see that. All though it would make for some good photos.  

Anh & Paul 1 year later

Anh and Paul married in June 2017 and one of the first weddings i did when i took over SF City Hall Photo.  The was lots of natural chemistry and they were a fun and easy couple to work with for a few hours we had together.   I approached them a few weeks ago and offered to go for a walk in San Antonio Rancho around the sunset and take some photos.   They agreed and let me tell them what to do once again.  As a result we got a nice collection of photos ourdoors.  

Kayla and Chris

Parents from both sides, bride's grand parents and bride and groom came together on a Friday afternoon.   Kayla and Chris have been together for a few years but this is the 1st time their parents meet.  One side is coming from Boston while another from San Diego for a wedding that brings the family together.   The grand parents served as witness. 

How it all started and my favorite photographer

I always admired one photographer who happened to be  a good friend of mine.  Before taking up photography seriously most of my free time was dedicated to recording, producing and playing music.  I needed to do some photos done for my album and of course asked my friend Joseph to do that. At that time i didn't realize i'll be learning the skill of photography from him.  Few years later I tagged along to most wedding he was shooting trying to learn as much as i could first hand from someone who's done it for 15 years professionally, someone who's very creative and enjoys what he does.  He inspired me and still does. He pushed me to be better and to improve every single time i shoot.  

I started doing my own sessions- friends, friends of friends, relatives and eventually weddings.  Then SF City Hall Photo happened and the rest is history. I get to spend time with beautiful happy couples and share some of their most memorable moments.  Not just share but capture them.  

And all that thanks to Joseph.  Check out his San Francisco City Hall Wedding photography

Zoe and Daniel

Over the years we have shots hundreds of weddings from small number of guests fitting all comfortably under the Rotunda to large weddings where the whole City Hall had to be booked.  They all have their uniqueness, lots of interesting moments and shots to capture.  One of our favorite though is when it's just the photographer and the couple.  First of all the couple is more relaxed - there's no pressure as it's just them.  They are there for themselves only... and for the photographer who hungrily takes the advantage of this opportunity.  


Zoe and Daniel were such a couple.  It was just the 2 of them.  After being together for 5 years, they felt it time to tie the knot with a quiet ceremony. They were at first shy in front of the camera stating they don't like too many pictures. But as the time together went on they became very comfortable with the camera in front of them to the point that they completely forgot about it at times.  As a result we got some very real photos even when they were posed.  

Tati & Brian

Couples come from all over the world to get married in San Francisco City Hall.  Over the years I've met people who flew from different states and different countries to tie the knot in beautiful City Hall.  

In this case the groom is local Californian, while his bride came all the way from Brazil.  Only Brian's family attended, but we made sure to capture the ceremony and plenty of family and portrait photos for the family in Brazil.  As a side bonus we recorded a video of the ceremony just because we could.  They were a real pleasure to work with.  These are the moments i wish we had the whole day to photograph the couple.  But oh well.. after about an hour we had to let them go to enjoy the rest of their lovely day. 

Akiyo & Ryota

Kenzi and Chris

Kelsey & Sam

Katie & Martin

Elizabeth & Jon

Melissa & Alvin

Hannah and Martin

Sharvari and Abhiram

Monday morning with Anh-Thu and Paul